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Why would more people believe in ghosts and aliens than in God?

Let us count the ways:

(1)Belief in God is scary. What if he's got a bullet with our name on it. ?
(A)But most people who believe in God don't really think that; they think God will protect them, the true believers. Right?

(2)If there is a God, he's a pretty callous, scary entity, considering all the evil that goes on in the world unabated. ?
(A)But then most people who believe in God believe that he'll see to it that good triumphs someday, somehow. ?

(3)Any claims by mono-theistic religions that God will save us are starting to seem pretty goshdarn lame to some of us. ?

(4)Aliens, on the other hand, might--might--come from afar and save us?
(A)But then, most reported encounters with aliens are not exactly benign, are they?

Perhaps aliens are modern-day fairies. ? Not a new idea. Whitley Strieber suggested the same thing in his book COMMUNION some--what?--twenty years ago? Not so long ago, ordinary people claimed to have endured the nighttime meddling of beings from somewhere other. They were pinched, abducted, "witch ridden." They awoke paralyzed. Is it possible that we explain what we now know is an occurrence with a physiological cause--sleep paralysis--by the prevailing supernatural belief of our time? When belief in fairies and witches was commonplace, we blamed fairies and witches. Now we blame invaders from outer space, which sounds much more plausible, more "scientific." ?

I don't claim to know. I'm just asking. I do know that people who claim nighttime visitations by aliens are not nuts, but then, the power of the mind to transform an inexplicable experience into one with meaning--well, that power alone is amazing enough to me. And that's what interests me most.

A few years ago, I attended a meeting of a group called The Blue Ridge UFO Investigation Society. The people in the group enjoyed showing each other the scoop marks on their kneecaps--little indentations that seemed natural enough to me, but that they really believed were evidence that aliens had scooped out their tissue during a post-abduction examination.

The power of belief, of the need to believe, fascinates me endlessly. It's my great love.