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Beyond the Quantum Veil

[Image and article abstract from BBC News Magazine; See link to full article below.]

A prize-winning quantum physicist says a spiritual reality is veiled from us, and science offers a glimpse behind that veil. So how do scientists investigating the fundamental nature of the universe assess any role of God, asks Mark Vernon.

The Templeton Prize, awarded for contributions to "affirming life's spiritual dimension", has been won by French physicist Bernard d'Espagnat, who has worked on quantum physics with some of the most famous names in modern science.

Quantum physics is a hugely successful theory: the predictions it makes about the behaviour of subatomic particles are extraordinarily accurate. And yet, it raises profound puzzles about reality that remain as yet to be understood.

Read more of this BBC News Magazine article, including the points of view of an atheist, a sceptic, a Platonist, a believer, and a Pantheist: http://tinyurl.com/markvernon.